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The roots of our faculty date back to Vocational School of Mining and Mine Foremen which was established in 1924. This institution was then converted into Mining Technical School, State Engineering and Architecture Academy, Hacettepe University Zonguldak Faculty of Engineering, finally forming one of the seven faculties forming the core of our University in 1992.

Our Faculty is located in the Farabi Campus of BEÜ. The activities of the Faculty are being conducted in the building composed of 28 classrooms, 3 computer laboratories and 40 educational and research laboratories whose total area is 21.459 m2 . With the completion of Civil Engineering Laboratory C block of 1955 m2 and Central Lecture Halls building of 17.029 m2 which are being constructed, the total area of our Faculty is going to expand to 40.443 m2 in 2015-2016 Academic year.

There are 10 departments offering bachelors degrees of 4 years in Faculty of Engineering. In some departments, there are compulsory or optional 1-year English preparatory programs. At the end of a 4-year education process, students graduate having obtained minimum 240 ECTS from compulsory and elective courses. In some departments, evening instruction is available. The total number of students is 3805 as of April 2015.

The Biomedical Engineering, Food Engineering, Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Engineering, Electrics-Electronics Engineering, Environmental Engineering and Geomatics Engineering departments of our Faculty offer their students the chance to enrich their educational experiences in Europe with the Erasmus+ Exchange agreements they signed with respected universities in Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia and Greece.

Besides, Biomedical Engineering, Electrics-Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Enginering, Mining Engineering and Food Engineering departments of our Faculty offer our students the chance to continue a part of their education in respected universities of Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kyrgyzstan, Malaysia and Yemen thanks to the Mevlana exchange agreements they established.

The academic staff of our faculty consists of 136 academic staff; 25 Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 43 Assistant Professors, 53 Research Assistants and 2 Lecturers . Besides, there are 44 administrative staff; 1 Faculty Secretary, 5 Chiefs, 7 Computer Operators, 1 Engineers, 1 Specialist, 3 Technicians, 6 Mechanics, 12 Worker and 8 Attendants.

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