Our Faculty

Our Mision and Vision

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Our Educational Mission

The mission of Faculty of Engineering is to train and educate engineers who have job responsibility, who are respectful to ethical values, creative, productive, who are suitable for team work, who can communicate in interdisciplinary sense, capable of acquiring information and transforming it into application fort he benefit of the society and state in best way and who have acquired the thinking systematics of engineering

R&D Mission

BEU Faculty of Engineering acknowledges the importance of education, research (including knowledge transfer) and innovation in the face of increasing global competition.Therefore, internationalisation, innovation and quality in education are priorities of strategic importance for BEU.In this scope,BEU develops collaborations with both European and non-European countries for improving education, research and administrative capacity towards diversified needs.

Our Vision

The Faculty of Engineering aims to be a faculty which is primarily preferred, which highly satisfies students and academic staff, whose graduates are preferred in the job market, which is primarily consulted for local problems and which is respected both nationally and internationally with our students, academic and all staff in terms of education and scientific activities.

Our Values
  • Being a favorable person
  • Patriotism
  • Modernity
  • Student-centeredness
  • Truth and reliability
  • Being a contributor
  • Being a sharer
  • Responsibility
  • Excellence in searching for, gathering, forming and  spreading knowledge,
  • Internationalization
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