New Engineering Faculty Center Classrooms and Offices are being put into service

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At Farabi Campus, the Central Classrooms and Offices construction which began in 2013, has been completed. At the end of this month, there will be departments of the Faculty of Engineering in the new building.

Our Rector Dr. Mahmut Özer and his delegation have been to the center of the classrooms and offices. There are 20 classrooms, 7 computers and design classrooms, 3 amphi, 67 offices, meeting and study rooms, student club and project workshops in the central classrooms with a closed area of 17 thousand square meters which will cover most of the classroom and office needs in Farabi Campus features.

Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Özer stated that the central classrooms will serve their students in better conditions during the new academic year. Especially in the closed area, the problems experienced by the center of the classrooms will be significantly reduced by completing the building: "Our university is improving both in terms of quality and quantity.In the academic year of 2017-2018, our student number reaches approximately 41.000. Therefore, We are making a great deal of investments from education infrastructure to social and sportive equipments in a simultaneous manner.The number of physical spaces that academicians and students can do qualified scientific researches is increasing rapidly. We have carried out important studies in many subjects from physical excellence in environmental sensitivity in our university, scientific studies to reconstruction of education and research on local problems by integrating city and university.With the Center Classrooms and Offices Building which is one of the investments we have realized in this direction, we have provided a nice and modern educational building in terms of aesthetics to our university.In addition to classrooms, amphitheaters, computer and research laboratories and technological infrastructure and quality education, the necessary facilities will be provided for the scientific researches of our instructors. We will continue to work intensively in the future as we move our university to a far better place. I would like to express my gratitude to all my colleagues who have been involved in the construction of the Center Classrooms and Offices Building. "

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